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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this list of answers to common questions about If you cannot find your answer here, please contact us with your questions.

  1. How does work?
  2. How do I add my link?
  3. How do I make my script featured?
  4. How long will my link be listed in the directory?

1. How does work? lists popular scripts alphabetically or based on feature link sponsorship. gives you the opportunity to advertise your script . Your advertising presence will surely result in very targeted and qualified leads visiting your site and hopefully making a purchase.

ScriptCopy had driven over 90,000 visitors to script providers listed in our directory in past three months, so just submit your script now and take advantage of our service.

2. How do I add my script?

Adding a script is easy. Just click on add a script and fill out the script details. All scripts are manually reviewed before approval so make sure you fill out the data accurately.

3. How do I make my script featured?

We offer a featured script listing. Featured script will be featured on all of our pages. For all inquiries about featuring your script please visit advertising page or contact us.

  • Over 85% of traffic comes from search engine phrases by people looking gor a php script to start a website

  • 4. How long will my link be listed in the directory?

    Once listed, your link is displayed permanently as long as exists.